Gamers can be your best customers

Dear Entrepreneurs,

I hope you had an exciting week behind you.  With TripleClicks and especially with EagerZebra we have the chance to offer great games to the audience of the World Wide Web.

Gaming in the internet has soo much fun and people need entertainment. These games have that all. This is the list of the games which are available:

Grandmaster Poker
Uber-Picks for Sports fans
Card King
Gold Streak
Knockout Trivia
Time Machine
Pick the Price

How to promote games?
There are different links for these games to be found among the GatewayList: . You can copy the one or other link
and paste it to your homepage or to your blog. Then say something about it, like that you
would like to invite the reader. Offer them some Tcredits for free, so that they can try it out.

In the Marketing section you can find 111 Marketing Aids, like banners, E-cards, Text Ads, Wearables (=T-shirt you can order and wear in your free-time).

Play each game until you receive an invitation link and place this link to your social media site.

I wish you all a successful week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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