Update for this week

Dear Entrepreneurs,
it is a pleasure that you have stopped your internet search here. Please read this article to the end – I am convinced that you like it.

I thank you all my Affiliates for their utmost work and I hope that they have had some success with this  business.

Don’t let the system overwhelm you with all the different things which have been added during the last month and the administration is doing a good job. They help us all to make it more comfortable for all of us.

I have the feeling that – especially new Affiliates – are getting overwhelmed with the result that they stop being active. I can understand that, because when I started this business in January 2013 I was so frustrated and hated all these Network Marketing.

I discussed this with my Sponsor and he recommended me first to read the Launchpad, then he also recommended me to login every day, so that I can learn all these essential aspects from Forum, from Ask SC and from the Tips. I have followed these advises and it helped me a lot.

Think outside the box!

We all have our comfort zones, where we want to live and we do anything possible to remain there, because we think we have enough within our own boundaries. But Network Marketing is someting where we start to think globally. When we do advertising online we reach Millions of people who are searching for a comfortable way to change their life. We can help them – with what SFI and TripleClicks has to offer.

On the Internet there’s money to be made 24 hours a day!
We still work from the comfort zone of our home – or when we are travelling from
the comfort of our hotel room with a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.
In TripleClicks we have our store with over 90,000 commissionable products.
We can start FREE without any obligation and there is no purchase requirements ever.
It is a business – and we can start earning money immediately.

This is what thousands of SFI affiliates around the world do every day!
Our income has the potential to grow to an excellent live long residual income.

It has changed my life and it will change your life, too. Do something great!

Have another succesful week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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