Stay strong and think LOCALVANTIA

Dear Entrepreneurs,

I will be on vacation from today on until next Sunday. During this time I only do what is absolutely needed: completing my To-do-List every day and watching my MOVERS grow.

I still have ads running in the web and I am thinking for a plan to get more shops into Localvantia. We have to be careful if we are going to introduce shops to this platform. It is not possible just to make a foto of someone’s storefront without the consent by the owner (as it can be illegally).

I think the best to build trust with the shop owner is to speak with him and then to leave a brochure (I only have ECA brochures presently, but I think they should be okay).

Did you already consider Localvantia in your plan to grow your business?

Localvantia is still in a Beta phase and as a start we were asked to pre-register local merchants in different merchant categories:


Grocery Stores
Gas Stations

General Retail Stores
Health & Wellness
Beauty/Hair salons
and many more
With Localvantia we can start to boost our business, that’s for sure. People should buy locally and then use the advantages TripleClicks has to offer. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

I will start tomorrow, selecting 5 merchants then visitting them,  I speak to the owner. I will leave the ECA brochure and make a photo from the storefront. Then I will pre-register that merchant and upload the storefron-photo.

I recommend to have a separate file on the computer for these candidates. We will get highly involved after this Beta phase goes into action (this will be in late October).

Do you need more information about Localvantia? Please read what has been announced until now in the SFI’s official News Blog:

If you need to discuss this with me you are invited to do so.

Have another succesful week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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