October 2017 – We are moving fast

Dear Entrepreneurs,
welcome to October.   This is my weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to tell you my story.

I am always proud being a hard working Affiliate and I really building something great. I would not be able without a strong group behind me.
I missed the chance in September

It was not possible for me to qualify as GTL again. I am accepting it and I welcome October because I have a very new chance to qualify.
This teaches me that every month has it’s own spirit. My horoscope was not so bad at all
I read my horoscope day per day. An old chapter is closed now and a new chapter begins.

I always keep the doors of communication open. I communicate more than once as well with my downline and also with my upline. Each of them play their big, big role in their individual and
independent business.

We are all working in one team – that is for sure that I feel a big sympathie to all of my group. They are all individuals. Everyone is independent and can decide whatever he wants.

I wish you all much success. You can visit my homepage here: http://www.fwfritz.net

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Gamers can be your best customers

Dear Entrepreneurs,

I hope you had an exciting week behind you.  With TripleClicks and especially with EagerZebra we have the chance to offer great games to the audience of the World Wide Web.

Gaming in the internet has soo much fun and people need entertainment. These games have that all. This is the list of the games which are available:

Grandmaster Poker
Uber-Picks for Sports fans
Card King
Gold Streak
Knockout Trivia
Time Machine
Pick the Price

How to promote games?
There are different links for these games to be found among the GatewayList:

https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/GatewayList . You can copy the one or other link
and paste it to your homepage or to your blog. Then say something about it, like that you
would like to invite the reader. Offer them some Tcredits for free, so that they can try it out.

In the Marketing section you can find 111 Marketing Aids, like banners, E-cards, Text Ads, Wearables (=T-shirt you can order and wear in your free-time).

Play each game until you receive an invitation link and place this link to your social media site.

I wish you all a successful week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

The Forum impressed

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week in a new month and I hope you are all well.

Today we celebrate Easter holidays and I wish you all big eggs in the basket.
Recently I have recommend to you the Forum and I will share with you the thread
by Peter Osa from Nigeria. This thread has impressed me so much that want to
share it with you. Please read the whole thread here:


Money matters- but not always

We are a people-to-people business. We make friends and we find TripleClicks and the games interesting. This makes it easy to get in touch with others. It is very social.

It expands our horizon because we can communicate with all people from all over the world. This does not even manage Facebook & co, that so many people from so many countries get to one place.

The money is only a beneficial side effect. It comes in automatically if we sell the services and products and if we do our daily, monthly and weekly actions.

Today and tomorrow are celebration days. I will begin the celebration now and I wish you all the best for the next week. Until then.


Friedrich Fritz

Support your downline

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

As I am the sponsor of my group you should know, that I do really care for any individual who
is committed to this business. The business is yours and you take all the decisions that can make this
business profitable or not. As long as you spend your time and (in some cases) some investment as long
you need nothing to fear.

You are VIP – Very Important Person

We are working in a group and we have in common that we are commercially involved – I provide you with tips you can follow and you are the one and only who brings this business into life.

It is not a welfare organisation, where we spend our time and money for nothing. You have your downline, too. You are responsible for what your group does or not does. Therefore you should do the same work with your group as I do with you. Grow your new PSAs and give them all your assistance I give to you..

Every action counts
Never give up your daily login and to complete the daily Actions first and then focus on the promotion and on recruiting new people to your group. Have a nice week. Play the games and if you don’t have enough Tcredits make a purchase. This earns you VersaPoints and MRPs (Member Reward Points).


Friedrich Fritz

A new challenge opened

Hello gamers,

As I am a proud entrepreneur in SFI, I recommend you to join my
new challenge in ‘the house of cards’

It is free to join.
Fun and entertainment guaranteed!

The Password is KWdug9

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz



With SFI you will become a valued member like one million affiliates.
SFI is the fastest growing company of is kind in the world today!


Play cards now


I have created a new League for lovers of Card Games.

If you feel you could participate you are invited. It is just for fun and entertainment.

Just follow this link: http://gotclicks2.com/2wyPny3cz

Password is  KWdug9  (this has to be entered)

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz