Teamwork – the facts for getting more out

Dear Entrepreneurs,

this is another weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to write about Teamwork. We all have goals – but we are all independent business people (=Entrepreneurs) who are individualists. We do our daily tasks alone – in front of a computer and with a cup of coffee on the table.

Today I see that ‘Quote of the Day’:
“Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility…In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have…is the ability to take on responsibility.”
-Michael Korda

We are not working alone – we are working together in a group and we are group builders. Above are the Upline with our Sponsor and Co-Sponsor. They have taken over a special responsiblity to bring new PSAs to success. They are good Sponsors and the others.

But let us focus on the good Sponsors. They do really a lot to help people, like you and me. It is an ongoing process of teaching, learning and applying. Bring your business to the next level and don’t stop after you reached it.

When you go on a Marathon you cannot run right away – you need to be taught HOW to run, you need to know your body, your heart rate, your correct breathing and so on. It will take some months to make you fit in order to master the Marathon with ease.

The same is with your goal of becoming Diamond Team Leader. You can chose to be Designated Diamond (DD) – read the Plan first and then subscribe the Builder Bundle ( – and turn on Opti-Build.

This will bring you those high responsiblity for your group – your group will live only if you (as their responsible sponsor) gives them the choice to grow. Nobody should suffer because you are not dedicated to the plan. There is no short-cut.

I wish you all much success. You can visit my blog for my homepage here:

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

E365 – The biggest contest for all

Hello Entrepreneurs,

hope you are all well – we are close to finish the Summer soon.

This is my weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to highlight the facts behind E365. This is important especially for all new PSAs who are still in their first year.

The facts
E365 is the biggest contest of SFI
E365 helps new PSAs to get started
E365 is easy to enter – complete six simple steps
E365 can be entered at any time during the first year of membership
E365 is a contest with over $3000 in cash and prizes or over $1Mio annually

The information is still available here: – read it first then make your decision. If you are a Team Leader please inform your downline separately.

E365 is a competition existing already a long time – if you are serious in your plan to build a solid business you should put E365 into consideration.

Have a nice and successful week. Focus on the things that are necessary.

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network!

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz