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Dear Entrepreneurs,
I hope you are all well and if you would also like to build something great I recommend to join (just follow the link below) .  This is my weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to focus on Pricebender’s

As I am a proud Affiliate and building something great – I recommend to promote Pricebender’s Penny Auctions and invite the audience to participate in the Auctions.
Pricebender’s Penny Auctions saving money

Yes, it is true – Pricebender’s Penny Auctions save 90 % or more off retail.
There are various Auctions every day – 24 hours long. Silver American Eagle Coin – retailfor $49.58 and winning price $0.46 . Or Apple iPad 2 Tablet (16 GB, WiFi) 2nd Generation- retail for $399.00 and winning price $3.86 .

The Gateway URL for these auctions is: (replace the xxxx with your SFI ID) . Use this URL with your Traffic Exchanges or blog.

For participation in these auctions everyone needs Tcredits. Order your pack of Tcards here: or try to win them in the auctions.

When shopping, driving Taxi or going to the hairdresser – give away one Tcard and invite people to participate.

Each Tcard has a countervaule of $12 (= 6 Tcredits and 100 MRPs) . You can also give TCards to the craftsmen, who will make the pipes free or repair the roof at your home. The nice chimney sweep you also give one.

I wish you all much success. You can visit my homepage here:

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Friedrich Fritz