Your plan should be your focus

Dear Entrepreneurs,
welcome again – here is my latest newsletter to my downline.

Today I want to address your first steps.

As I am a proud Affiliate and building something great – I recommend you to have a plan – this makes it easy for you to follow the simple steps.
Become Executive Affiliate

Your aim should be to become Executive Affiliate as soon as possible. All you need is to score at least 1500 Vps. This can be done with your daily actions (from the To-Do-List) and/or through purchases you generate through your TripleClicks store.

Review the SFI Comparison Chart and see what great features an Executive Affiliate has.
Here is the link:

Promote your business

Network Marketing is Teamwork. Therefore you need a team below you. Use the Gateways to generate traffic and to find prospects. Prospects can be PSAs and/or customers (PRMs).

PSAs need your special attention – you are their sponsor and all you need to do is to guide them until they have success . Tell them to beome Executive Affiliate, too and that they should also promote their business.

Plan your budget

There are many options for your promotion. Beneath social media you can also generate traffic through PTC (Paid-To-Click), Email Advertising, Viral Advertising, Safelists etc.

Some of these sides are free and others need a small budget. Some free traffic builders need your daily attention (you surf other member’s sides for earning points which can be conversed into your own traffic).

Always make your right decision. Check the results and if something fails change your promotion.
It will make sense.
I wish you all much success. You can visit my blog for my downline here:

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Social Media – Use it for business

Dear Entrepreneurs,
welcome to all new visitors. This is my weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to talk about the use of Social Media.

As I am a proud Affiliate who is building something great, I would point to MEMES, which are displayed in Marketing Aids.

The use of Memes

Memes are eye-catching tiles with clear statements. They have a colorful background and are also funny. You need first to save that image on your Computer before you can upload the image to Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram.

Think about a meaningful text that you add to this image. This is especially necessary on Instagram. The text can also contain a personal gateway.

meme20Remember to add a key code to the gateway. By using key-codes, you can better analyze where your visitors come from. Under SFI HIt-Tracking you will find the corresponding search results.

Use Memes for better content

Yes, you can also use Memes in your Blog and/or on your homepage. Or you could also use it when sending emails to your friends and colleagues.

I wish you all much success. You can visit my homepage here: You see how memes work

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Advertising – use the Marketing Center

Dear Entrepreneurs,
it is another Sunday and the days are getting shorter. It is the best time to care for our online business.

As I am a proud Affiliate I would recommend you to make use of the Marketing Aids from the Marketing Center. If you have no access to our Marketing Center I would suggest you to join my Team first. See the banner at the end of this article.

Plan your advertising budget

It is advisable to set a margin for your weekly or monthly advertising budget. Let say you want to pay $10 per month for advertising.

In the Marketing Center you find banners, Text Ads, E-Cards, Splash.

Build your own personal homepage

There are many homepages you can build for free. Make research in the web until you are lucky with the one which meets your goals. It should have an html-editor.

Then make your choice which ad you want to use. If your choice is a Splash page, you need to save the image on your computer first. Then you go to your homepage and paste it to it. Don’t forget to include your personalized SFI or TC Gateway URL, so that visitors may click on it.

If your choice is a banner, click the Preview Button and then copy the html-code and paste it into your homepage’s html-editor. This is the easiest way.

The image will appear on your homepage with the Gateway URL embedded.

Read essentials business know-how

Below TRAINING tab there are Expert Tips. Be inspired, as I am always inspired when reading them. You are looking for Leads – these are visitors you need to attract to your website.
For this occasion you need your own strategy. Think this: the more leads you get for your side the higher is the chance that you generate sign-ups and/or customers who buy directly.

Therefore you need content that keeps your visitor to look around and to make a decision.
Your advertising campaigns shouldn’t be the same several weeks long. So change it on occasion and keep track on the results..

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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Join me, Friedrich Fritz, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 19th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

Make your GOALS

Hello Entreprenuers,

it is the last day in April and we are looking forward too what May will bring.

Today I want to talk about GOALS. Every new month this question is raised through SFI:
Set your goals for the new month. They should be realistic:

How many PSA do you plan to recruite?
How many of them would you make to become Executive Affiliate?
How many PRMs will you receive through promotion?
How much do you want to sell?
What rank will you reach in the following boards:
VersaPoint Leaderboard
Power Rank Leaderboard (overall)

Power Rank Leaderboard (country position)
Power Rank Leaderboard (class position {E365})
DistribuSTAR Leaderboard (coming through TC Giftcards)
Daily VP Streak Leaderboard position

Once you have set your goals, it will be easier for you to achieve these goals. This is, of course, and based on this template, you work it out day by day. Until you have achieved these goals.

If you are below the target, adjust your goals or look for another strategy. It’s all up to each of you, how and what you do. It’s your business.

I wish you all,  that you reach your goals (as planned) and if possible beyond.


Have a good start in May!

Best Regards

Friedrich Fritz


Simply Team Leader

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week in a new month and I hope you are all well.

Today I want to point out how easy it is to become a Team Leader. What ever you do in SFI and TripleClicks do have your goals. Becoming a Team Leader does not require too much. Besides completing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks you can make a purchase of Tcredits packs plus show that you begin to build your downline.

For BTL you need 5 PSAs plus 1500 Vps from sales and/or purchases, 1000 Vps from daily/monthly/weekly free actions and other activities like Pricebenders bidding and 500 Vps.

Show these 5 PSAs that you are their great Sponsor. Help them and be there if they want your support. You can see all the requirements and more in the plan. Just look it up here: .

Aim High and Dream Big

In this online world we need to think globally. If we only aim down we cannot become great.

We are the result of our daily thoughts. That is why you should consider to buy the Builder Bundle and to optimize your growth and your income too. Turn on the Opti-Build.

I wish you another great week.


Friedrich Fritz


Independent and free in Spring

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new readers of this blog.

Today I want to share with you what I see today with my own eyes.

We here in SFI have our business – one Affiliate by one Affiliates – have it and it is my business and it is your business.

How many attention do you owe to your business

It is said that we need about 20-30 minutes per day in the beginning. That is exactly what I did: doing every morning my To-Do-List, then wait until evening and promote business.

After one year you need more time – but you will feel how magniciant your business can be. When you see your comission pay check increase you automatically will pay more attention.
You are independent

As you are the creator of your business you are independent. You can decide what you like and see if it works. They are 2 options: either it works or it won’t. Look for alternatives.

If you receive a monthly salary you know what I mean. In a 5-days-40-hours-per-week you are not independent. You have to follow rules: be on time, fulfill the plans of the employer, be well dressed,

shaved and perform your work with quality and within a given time.

As an Affiliate you have 7-days-1-hour-per-day-week you have also rules, fulfill your plans, reach your goals. YOU ARE INDEPENDENT!

You are free

Decide what is right or wrong for you.
Invest time – invest money and speak to people.
Assist your group and bring them toward success.

To be independent and free is the biggest gift todays’ internet has given to all of us. Danke und Respect!

I wish you all the success you need. Please participate in my running contest. You have access via my Leadership Page or followthis link:


Friedrich Fritz

Support your downline

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

As I am the sponsor of my group you should know, that I do really care for any individual who
is committed to this business. The business is yours and you take all the decisions that can make this
business profitable or not. As long as you spend your time and (in some cases) some investment as long
you need nothing to fear.

You are VIP – Very Important Person

We are working in a group and we have in common that we are commercially involved – I provide you with tips you can follow and you are the one and only who brings this business into life.

It is not a welfare organisation, where we spend our time and money for nothing. You have your downline, too. You are responsible for what your group does or not does. Therefore you should do the same work with your group as I do with you. Grow your new PSAs and give them all your assistance I give to you..

Every action counts
Never give up your daily login and to complete the daily Actions first and then focus on the promotion and on recruiting new people to your group. Have a nice week. Play the games and if you don’t have enough Tcredits make a purchase. This earns you VersaPoints and MRPs (Member Reward Points).


Friedrich Fritz

How ‘Opti-Build’ can work for us

Hello Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

With an entrepreneurial approach to business, I am very comfortable with what
SFI has announced with the ‘Opti-Build’ program. If you would read the information
and understand it I guess you will be as much excited as myself. The excitement in what
we do is always important.

Funnel the energy

Energy is the power which can be so much helpful for us – and this without losing too much time and which does not need to overstress the monthly budget, if we put more confidence in ourselves into the business. They are synergistic energy effects which will come along if we are open to new changes and – ofcourse open to new people we invite to work with us.

Our genealogies will grow once the program will start in April and as this happens your business will grow, too. Therefore never give up to promote business and to invite others to be part of it.

Focus on Team Leader rank
As long as we recruit new people so long will your downlines feed the flow – it is fantastic.
Concentrate on becoming Bronze Team Leader and then these synergistic energy will work until we are all Platin Team Leaders.

This is duplication and SFI drive business to your whole team. Think about that. Have a nice week.

Friedrich Fritz

This business is different

Dear Entrepreneur,

welcome to read my newsletter. This is my first one to my team of this year and I want to welcome all the new PSAs and CSAs who have joined my group. For me it is now my fifth year in SFI.

Please urgently login every day and read the SFI news and visit the Forum. If you have something to ask or if you have suggestions, you can write in in the Forum. Everbody is welcomed there. You will see how people are offering their help.

Some say or think that SFI may be too complicated. But this is in no way the case. It needs some time until you fully understand all the things you need to know.

Have a Standing Order

The easiest way to receive easily those 1500 VersaPoints (for qualification as Executive Affiliate) would be to have your Standing Order. You can choose this service through your TripleClicks store. Make your purchase of the recommended 125 Tcredits and you receive 1500 Vps automatically.

Don’t stop when you reach EA rank. This business is designed to develope Team Leaders. It is a people-to-people business. Recruit people in your surroundings who follow you on the way of success.

Best wishes for you and take anything easy. Have your mind positive and you are invited to join my group by following the link below.


Join me, Friedrich Fritz, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 19th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!


Friedrich Fritz

Do you think it is too complicated?

Dear Entrepreneurs,
every week I write my newsletter to my entire downline. This newsletter is the last one for this year.

I hope you are all in a best condition,
that you are healthy and that you do some sports every day. This is important because, if

you do exercises on a regular basis you will have more energy for your business and other
things also.

It is never good to stay all the time in front of your computer and try this Network Marketing Business. The daily time I spent with it is about 1 to 2 hours per day – not more. I do my daily exercises in the afternoon for 1 or 2 hours, too.

Some say or think that SFI may be too complicated. But this is in no way the case. It needs some time until you fully understand all the things you need to know.

Find any solution in the LaunchPad

If you think that you cannot understand and apply what is so essential here, I recommend to read and learn from LaunchPad. It is just a mouseclick away on your SFI Homepage. Just click on that little ‘Rocket’ in the right upper corner. Please start at the Getting Started Training.

The LaunchPad Index features 11 ‘core lessons'(chapters). If you are new to SFI – please start to read all the core lessons first. Just read 2-5 lessons per day and find your way to du it as comfortable as you want. If you already a sponsor of one or more Affiliates recommend them also to read the LaunchPad before they start with the business.

When you are comfortable enough with the 11 core lessons you can further begin reading the ‘sub-lessons’ which are accessed by opening the ‘related lessons’.

Make notes on a sheet of paper and apply what you have learned. That is the best way to begin earning commission. Promote this business, play the games, participate in the auctions.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz