Localvantia – great for local business

Dear Entreprenuers,

it is another week and this is my weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to talk about Localvantia.

As I am a proud Affiliate I would recommend you to first read the SFI’s official News Blog
https://news.sfimg.com/2017/06/14/localvantia-pre-launch/ and second to take your camera
and third to look around for small shops.

Almost every business category is covered

You buy grocery – you go to buy books, have a hair cut or need a painting service?
Don’t bother too much – just find your favourite local shop and make a good picture from

the shop’s doorfront. The picture must have good quality, look about good light – avoid shadows. So, take a camera and not your iPhone. Eventually you need a photoshop to set everything right with the photo.

Pre-register the shop

Go to this site: https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg ,fill out the form and upload the photo into the special box you see on the Pre-registration form. Submit the Pre-Rigistration.

Do this daily until you have a lot of pre-registered merchants referred to SFI. Then wait for the special announcement in late October.

Read essentials Localvanita -know how

Localvantia is for ALL affiliates, All merchants, in All coutnries.
For the merchants Localvantia means an additional and cheap advertising.

Buying locally is the challenge of the future, because of the huge offer online shops in the near environment to suffer. A signal is sent through Localvantia so that purchases can also be purchased offline.

I wish you all much success. You can visit my homepage here: http://www.fwfritz.net

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

I am back to the office

Dear Entrepreneurs,

I am back to office. I think the last week vacation has done me good and I will consider to make those breaks more. I have not travelled to an island – I used this time to think about this business.

I could pre-register candidates for the Localvantia successfully. I have learned how to make photos available for the special registration formular. Thanks to the Forum I could find help from others.

Yesterday I was together with Social Media experts during a political Skill Camp. One thing I have learned is that you need to use Hashtags (#) only on Twitter and on Instagram but not on Facebook. If you use marketing aids for promotion on Twitter start it with a hashtag (#Promotion SFI – Take back your life. Our program shows you how! Http: //www.sif4com/12166105/Free).

Using hashtags has an advantage: your Tweed will be seen more likely and the more see it the more likely it is that the one or other may react.

After all, the use of social media has increased. These are becoming increasingly popular. As we can see in the SFI News, we have on Twitter 300,0000 followers and on Facebook 400,000 fans.
These are good news and we should use these possibilities with our possibilities. However, we should be cautious when we are advertising there.


Have another succesful week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz