Did you get your free TCredits this month?

Free TCredits are very good

SFI News

TCreditsCommissions and perks have been processed for August and we wanted to remind you that if you were an EA (Executive Affiliate) in August, we’ve added 10-24 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at http://www.tripleclicks.com. They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use your TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, and more.


NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from receipt.

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Introducing…SFI FlashPay!

SFI accepts Bitcoins now

SFI News

Artboard 1-8Effective September 1st, SFI affiliates can now earn instant commissions on all purchases by their PSAs and PRMs!  Yes, you can now receive your commissions literally within seconds of making a sale!

Here’s how it works:

Whenever one of your PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliate) or PRMs (Personally Referred TripleClicks Member) makes a purchase using Bitcoin, we’ll now instantly credit your SFI account with the Direct Commission (45% of the CV)—which you can now spend immediately on anything at TripleClicks!

Note: Whatever you don’t spend will be automatically paid out to you via your chosen commission payment preference when regular commissions are paid (on our about the 10th of the month for the previous month’s sales).

Bitcoin sign

Our new SFI FlashPay is of course part of our effort to be on the forefront of the digital currency (“cryptocurrency”) revolution happening across the world.

As you may know, we started accepting the most popular digital…

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Presenting…Class Cash!

Class Cash – for a nice start for anyone

SFI News

As explained in our earlier announcement, we are discontinuing the Signing Bonus program.

The Signing Bonus program is being replaced with a new program we’re calling “CLASS CASH.”

We call the new program Class Cash because it’s a special drawing held just for the members of your class (i.e., everyone who joined SFI the same day you did). This of course means that your odds of winning are pretty good—since you’re competing ONLY against those who joined SFI the same day you did.

Whenever a new person joins SFI, they will be informed of our Class Cash drawing immediately upon submitting the submission button on the affiliate registration page.

The page will look like this:


Upon confirming their email address (or entering a different one if they clicked the red “no” button), they’ll see a message letting them know their drawing entry number has been emailed to them.  They can now…

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New & improved Affiliate Snapshots!

It is a good change as it is helpful

SFI News

Candidates User ProfilesWe are pleased today to debut new and improved Affiliate Snapshots!

What’s an Affiliate Snapshot?  The Affiliate Snapshot is an SFI business tool that is accessed by clicking an affiliate’s name from your Genealogy, and also from various leaderboards, winners lists, recognition lists, and so on throughout the Affiliate Center.  Generally speaking, if you see a linked affiliate name, it’s likely linked to their Affiliate Snapshot (i.e. click their name to see their Affiliate Snapshot).  Note: One exception to this is in the Forum, where you access a person’s Affiliate Snapshot by clicking on their photo in the mini profile panel located to the right of their post.

The Affiliate Snapshot contains an affiliate’s account photo, name, location, title, badges, and more.  And if it’s a PSA, CSA, or other team member, other information is provided, including various team-building tools.

What’s new in the new Affiliate Snapshot:

  • New, cleaner, more modern look
  • Mobile friendly
  • So that we…

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TripleClicks Milestone: 400,000 Facebook fans!

Yes – we are growing every day

SFI News

TC-WeDidItWoo-hoo! TripleClicks.com recently welcomed its 400,000th fan on its Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook, please do it now, and help us reach our goal of 500,000 fans.  Like us (become a fan) by clicking the “Like” button on your Affiliate Center To-Do List.  You’ll also receive 10 bonus VP!

Not on Facebook yet?  Join the 1 billion+ Facebook users worldwide to stay in touch with friends and family, follow favorites businesses and organizations, play online games, and much more. Join Facebook at http://www.facebook.com.

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Localvantia Pre-Launch!

Buying local and earn VPs from SFI

SFI News


We are very excited today to unveil a powerful and groundbreaking new program for SFI affiliates.

For years, we’ve been working towards a way to allow our affiliates to earn unlimited VersaPoints by simply shopping at their favorite local merchants.

Imagine earning all your rank-qualifying VersaPoints each month by simply buying your groceries, fueling up your car, or dining at your favorite restaurants!

Better yet, imagine earning earn all these VersaPoints with no additional expense whatsoever; just buy what you already buy!

Yes, that’s exactly what our new program, “Localvantia,” aims to do!

But Localvantia won’t be just grocery stores, gas stations, and places to eat.  On the contrary, Localvantia is designed to cover essentially ALL merchants with products and services consumed locally.

Here are some of the categories planned:

  • Accountants/Tax Professionals
  • Appliance Installation & Repair
  • Attorneys
  • Automotive
  • Bakery
  • Bars/Pubs
  • Beauty/Hair Salons
  • Books
  • Carpentry
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Childcare
  • Clothes

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New auction item at Pricebenders!

A good workout is recommended for every hard working business person

SFI News

PricebendersLogoArriving at Pricebenders Auctions: the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike…introduced in special DP Auctions in which every bidder receives double the MRP normally awarded for every bid placed. That’s 10 MRP every time you place a Pricebenders auction bid!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Burn some extras calories and boost your productivity while at your desk or watching TV with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike. Completely portable and whisper quiet, the Sunny Exercise bike can fit easily under your work desk and won’t get in the way or distract your co-workers. Eight resistance levels adjusted via a micro tension knob allows for a moderate or intense workout, while a digital readout displays the time, speed, distance, ODM, and calories burned. The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike also comes with safety pedal straps that…

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New Visual Genealogy

SFI works for all who are serious.

SFI News


We’re excited today to debut a brand new tool for team building, the Visual Genealogy.  The Visual Genealogy performs many of the same functions as the regular Genealogy, but it’s much simpler…it uses the account photos of your team members!…and, most importantly, it’s designed to align precisely with the objectives of The Diamond Plan.

That is, the Visual Genealogy is designed to help you visualize, manage, and build a 5-wide organization, just as The Diamond Plan recommends (and also what Opti-Build and Builder Bundles were created to support).


If you’re new in SFI, the new Visual Genealogy can help you identify your five future Diamond Team Leaders.  Or, if you’re a more experienced SFI Team Leader, and you already have one or more Designated Diamonds on your first generation (identified by the diamond icon in front of their name), they will automatically populate the up-to-five first-generation slots on your Visual Genealogy (with your other top PSAs—selected by rank/activity—automatically filling in any…

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