Rank promotion notice

Originally posted on SFI News:
To avoid any technical issues with rank promotions pertaining to the new January 1st Team Leader requirement–with the New Years holiday falling on Friday, and the weekend immediately following–no Team Leader rank promotions will be processed until Monday, January 4th. In other words, if on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or early Monday, you…

Save time and money

Dear Entrepreneurs, Each week I discuss another topic. Be inspired and motivated at the same time. I want to help you to generate added value for your business. It is your business and you determine whether you have success alone. The amount of time and money determines whether the business is successful or rather not. … More Save time and money

ALERT! TC Gift Certificate scam

Originally posted on SFI News:
SFI Corporate has identified a scam involving TC Gift Certificates that we want all SFI Affiliates to be aware of. We’ve discovered that scammers are creating multiple new SFI accounts under different sponsors and using different names and e-mail addresses…THEN soliciting their sponsors for gift certificates. These scammers are then using unscrupulous ECAs…

Pricebenders for the Holidays

Originally posted on SFI News:
It’s the height of the holiday season…keep it merry by checking out Pricebenders auctions for your gift giving needs! Featuring many, many of the most popular products of the year, Pricebenders can be a terrific, money-saving source for all the fabulous gifts your friends and family are dreaming about! PLUS…by…