Rank promotion notice

This should be noticed – because it seems to be important

SFI News

screenshot_988To avoid any technical issues with rank promotions pertaining to the new January 1st Team Leader requirement–with the New Years holiday falling on Friday, and the weekend immediately following–no Team Leader rank promotions will be processed until Monday, January 4th.

In other words, if on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or early Monday, you meet the qualifications to advance from the rank of Affiliate to any of the Team Leader ranks, it will not be reflected on your account until approximately noon CT, Monday.  This will allow our IT staff to be available in case of any issues resulting from the new Team Leader requirement that goes into affect on January 1st.

We appreciate your understanding.

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TripleClicks TCredits expiration notice

This is important for your information

SFI News

47534Since the introduction of TripleClicks several years ago, we’ve chosen not to enforce our TCredits 1-year expiration policy, allowing our awesome affiliates and customers to use their TCredits whenever they liked.

However, tax regulations compel us at this time to start the clock for enforcement of the 1-year TCredits expiration policy.

Effective immediately, ALL TCredits you currently have–no matter how long you’ve had them–will expire one year from today–Monday, December 28, 2015. Going forward, all new TCredits bought or awarded will expire one year from the date they’re issued.

You can view all your TCredit details from the TCredits Ledger at the TC Member Center. Just click the TCredit Expiration Ledger button to view your expiration dates.

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Save time and money

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Each week I discuss another topic. Be inspired and motivated at the same time. I want to help you to generate added value for your business.

It is your business and you determine whether you have success alone.

The amount of time and money determines whether the business is successful or rather not. The aim should be to generate a small investment of time and money the greatest yield.

We spend a lot of time to learn things that are important to us. But we can plan this time. You could plan, for example, read every day an hour and learn the essential things.

Apply what you have learned

For our business we need to implement what we have learned and for that we also put an hour or two. During this time we are promoting our business. We write advertisements and publish them on the Web and print flyers out.

Make research

We conduct research on the Internet to find our special niche. We know our customers and understand their needs.
Focused we offer our goods and services. If advertising costs money, we plan a budget and keep track of whether the advertising is successful or rather not. Then we adjust our investment of time and expenditure.

If we then turn off the computer, we take our flyers from the printer, tape and hang it to the scoreboards our popular supermarkets.

We need for the business a lot of patience, because the success takes some time until it is established.

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz


Attention bargain hunters


Dear Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new sign-ups and a peacefull 4th advent to everybody.
Last minutes shopping at Tripple Clicks. Remember: the church is over – you come home from this long road and in the oven is stille the goose to become ready.

You are happy – because you have managed in the last minute to pruchase a nice gift for your
loved one. What one wishes for Christmas?

Socks, ties, shirts, jewelery, aftershave? Or higher quality as technical appliances, stereos or giant flat screens?

You are the big present

Gifts come from the heart and with the heart. That is the reason because we celebrate Christmas. We were blessed with a child in the Kripppe and we share this joy with all others that we bestow well.

Bargains for Christmas are:

Lilac Rose Cute Rhinestone Stud Necklace Ivory Pink Set for USD 6,60

to be ordered here: http://www.gotclicks1.com/2eCnecaMgSE2

Webkinz Santa Suit for Cats for USD 9.00

to be ordered here: http://www.gotclicks1.com/HUuxjzz3NWZC
Personalized Books: 6 Books Discounted for USD 43.50

to be ordered here: http://www.gotclicks1.com/kQTyPcPVHCla
This is only a small selection – but you have to start with something.

Seasonal greetings

Dear Christmas shopper, you’ll find the suitable Christmas present or have already found. I live alone with my cat. We (including my cat) wishing you a blessed Christmas and a good transition to the year 2016 – with the usual wishes for happiness, health and prosperity.

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz



List Price $49.95
Our Price: $43.5
You save $6.45
List Price $14.99
Our Price: $9
You save $5.99
Not a TripleClicks Member? Learn more about the many benefits HERE.

ALERT! TC Gift Certificate scam

Please pay attention – don’t become a victim

SFI News

SFI News Square IconSFI Corporate has identified a scam involving TC Gift Certificates that we want all SFI Affiliates to be aware of. We’ve discovered that scammers are creating multiple new SFI accounts under different sponsors and using different names and e-mail addresses…THEN soliciting their sponsors for gift certificates. These scammers are then using unscrupulous ECAs to turn the TC Gift Certificates into cash.

DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM of this exploitation! Although we are shutting down the ECAs involved as we discover them, we strongly recommend that you and your team members give gift certificates ONLY to those Affiliates who have been active in SFI for a while, have earned it with concrete accomplishments, and/or who you know well.

For more information about TC Gift Certificates, see your Gift Certificate Manager.

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Your source for promotion


nowadays it is not easy to find a good source for your online promotion.
There are thousands of different sites in the web.

Let me introduce some of the sources I found interesting because
I use them for getting more customers and more followers.

Traffic Monsoon is such an interesting platform. There are many viewers
every day.

For further information I would suggest to watch the video:



Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Believe in your goals – never give in

Dear fellow entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new readers of that blog  and a peacefull 3rd advent to everybody.

Today I want to point out why we should believe in what we do.
Everyone of us has dreams and desires. Longterms and shortterms. We can imagine how wonderful it would be if we are debtfree, living in a nice house with a garden and driving a nice convenient car.

Think positive

As long as we have that imagination we can try to believe, that we will reach our goals, if we never stop. We make a plan, work hard – we discover new techniques we had never thought they may have been possible. We fail and fall on our face first.

Then we get up again, wipe our hands off and go on until we are closer to the victory. Suddenly we are hair thin in front of our goal and we feel proud.

Life writes its own history – for each of us.

Strong Future International means for us that we have to find our own strength in order to shape our future. Therefore, we have every month this new challenge: to be strong, so that we can make others also strong. We act in the market and prove that we believe in what we do. We believe that every single person has the same intensity as we do.

I also believe in your strength, dear entrepreneurs. Therefore first believe in yourself and then confess to yourself that you will achieve your goals. You can never fail – only win.

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz


Please make your predictions in the FIFA EU soccer contest now!

Pricebenders for the Holidays

It is terrific and money saving – the best Christmas gifts ever!

SFI News

gift_boxIt’s the height of the holiday season…keep it merry by checking out Pricebendersauctions for your gift giving needs! Featuring many, many of the most popular products of the year, Pricebenders can be a terrific, money-saving source for all the fabulous gifts your friends and family are dreaming about!

PLUS…by using the new Your Choice Dropshipping program, you can have just about any gift dropshipped from some of the world’s most popular e-commerce sites directly to a friend or family members!

Forum Discussion Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section –to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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We are one team – one family

Hello  Entrepreneurs,

Today I want to point out why we are work all together – in one team – one family.

SFI is not only a business platform – it is rather be a social network with business attitudes. The Forum makes it possible to communicate with other members and have their opinion and/or advices.

If you have not yet discussed things that matter you are invited to try it out soon. Find the latest threads on ALERTS. Or you can access the FORUM here: https://www.sfimg.com/forum/

Just click and join the discussion. You’ll be surprised at the positive impact this has on your business.

From promotion to duplication

I think I find it worth to promote Triple Clicks Gift Cards this following week. If we do all the same promotion – it will have a big impact (because you can increase your hit tracking stats).

Before that make sure you have a WordPress blog or Google+ blog. If not go to WordPress.com and open a new blog or go to Blogger.com to open a new blog for Google+.. Pay attention to their terms and conditions. This is only a matter of minutes and both are free.

Also you should have ordered and received a pack of digital Triple Clicks gift cards. If not, order them here. https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=173941 .

Marketing Aids

Please go first to Marketing Center >Triple Clicks >chose any kind of banners that you like and click on PREVIEW . Copy and paste the html code into your own WordPress or Google+ blog.

Promote your blog to Social Media

Then invite your followers in Facebook and Twitter (Pinterest, Linkedin etc) to read your blog and to take action! Ask them to give their Email-Address to you and with this Email-Address you can sent a digital gift card to your followers.

If you are unsure you can click here: http://chilichote.com/

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz