New bigger, better Pricebenders auctions!

Better chances are for all of us!

SFI News


Effective immediately, Pricebenders is now featuring a completely new and improved auctions index:

The biggest change you’ll notice is that there will now be a minimum of 20 live auctions going at all times!  You should almost always now be able to find an auction of interest to you–no matter when you drop by.  And we hope to be doing over 100 auctions a day soon!

From the new index, you can also now easily participate in multiple auctions simultaneously (just click on the “bid” buttons for the auctions you want to bid on).  The new layout is also mobile-friendly and should work great on almost any modern smartphone or tablet.


With our new expanded auction format, no longer will auctions typically be scheduled to start at specific times.  Instead, we will simply start a new auction each time an auction ends.  The newest auction will appear in…

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Joyful, joyful Christmas Time is here

Dear Networkers,

still 59 days to go and to work and then we will have Christmas Eve. The days become shorter and the nights become longer – we use candles in the evening and we are preparing our hearts and our souls for the arriving of Jesus Christ.

We think about in this bleak season and make ourselves comfortable by the fire and we think of those who we want to give presents. TripleClicks comes here at the right time – because there are waiting the coveted gifts.

We are looking for Christmas presents and we obtain a search result by 546 articles and we are looking for Xmas so we get even a result of 5673 articles.

There ae toys for the children, Jewellery for our loved ones, small technical items for electronics enthusiasts, things to decorate the Christmas tree and for a cozy feast and more.

Chose the item you would like and order them now, before it is too late!

Here are the items for Xmas:

and for Christmas are here:

It is worth promoting these articles on your homepage and on your Traffic Exchangers. The most items are sold by ECAs. Make sure you connect first with the ECA, then look below the page and you see SFI Affiliate Information. There you find the ECA’s url together with your SFI-ID.

By using this referral link you have the chance to maximize your commissios.

Recommended tip for advertising

Use Triple Clicks Banner Generator: .

List all item after item by using the item’s number and at the end click on CONTINUE. The result is the html code for your banner. Place this banner on your homepage and on your favourite promotion sites.

Here I give an example of how it might look.

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

List Price $1490
Our Price: $860
You save $630.00
Not a TripleClicks Member? Learn more about the many benefits HERE.

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

Announcing…Your Choice Dropshipping for Pricebenders!

This is really nice from SFI

SFI News

On August 3rd, we introduced our gift certificate exchange for Pricebenders.  Today, we are excited to debut a new complimentary program we call Your Choice Dropshipping (YCD)–which instantly makes any gift certificate you win at Pricebenders infinitely more valuable!


With YCD, you can now redeem your gift certificates for ANY product from some of the world’s most popular e-commerce sites!  We’re launching YCD today with the following eleven Amazon sites:





Note that most of these Amazon sites service multiple countries in the region.

But the Amazon sites are just the beginning.  At the new YCD Manager page, you can submit other sites you’d like us to add.  If there’s a e-commerce site in your country that is…

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Have fun with playing games


all people like to play games – whether young or old – whether sick or healthy.

Playing games is a basic need of all of us. Have fun in solving puzzles, in sports betting, playing cards, you should  also have.

Eager Zebra games and Uber-Picks Betting make this all possible and after we have fulfilled our duty and the daily exercises in SFI, we can play the following Games. We have here the opportunity to win and to lose, while we others challenge.

Many millions love soccer, American football or basketball. Each week stand at exciting encounters and here we can make our predictions. They are our future most potential customers!

Then we invite our friends on Facebook to beat us one. That’s all very simple.

Here is my challenge for you:

Thereby, we will all be winners.

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

Always have enough Tcredits

// //

Hello Readers!

Today I want to draw your attention to the meaning of TCredits.

Purchase TCredits

The other thing I want to write about is the meaning of Tcredits. Everyone needs Tcredits

when they want to contribute to Triple Clicks, Pricebender, Eager Zebra games, Uber Picks etc.

For voting in the monthly music contest you need Tcredits and for member listings, too.

TCredits are a special TripleClicks currency A nice overview on how to use TCredits can be found here: .

Say ‘thank you’ for your best movers and give them TCredits

For the motivation of your good working movers you can give away up to 10 Tcredits. For doing this, go to your Genealogy and chose Tcredits (the last tab) – then just chose your mover and click on ‘Transfer Tcredits’. A window opens and chose the amount of Tcredits you want to give away. That is all.

Earn big commission with selling TCredits

As TCredits is the ultimative currency in Triple Clicks you can offer TCredits to third parites

and earn really big commission. For instance: you can earn $75.00 extra and more per month if you just sell 8-200 Tcredits packs per month or just two per week and your customers have the chance to get brand-name products for up to 99 % off retail!

How to advertise TCredits

Simply advertise Tcredits the same way you would promote a product from your ECA etc.

Your focus is on selling TCredits that will be used to place bids.

Promote the ‘Winners List’ by using this Gateway http://

Use social Media

Consider to use dynamic banners fromm and

add it on your personal website and your blog (like WordPress or Google+).

Then you can set a link from Facebook or Twitter to your homepage, blog etc and offer these Tcredits to your followers and to your friends.

Use your own words

Every Pricebender auction has a cool little contest attached to it called ‘Pick the price (PTP)’.

Invite your friends and followers to play this game (offer them a TC-gift card with 6 free Tcredits incuded). You need TC Gift Cards? Order them here:

If you want a free gift card – just sent me your email and you will receive one for FREE.

It has always proved to use your own words because it works like a footprint or a seal.

You can write advertising text from others or you can put in your own words – please do not simply copy and paste advertising text. (because it might be illegal in some countries).

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz


Hello Entrepreneurs!

Today I want to draw your attention to DUPLICATION. We are working all together in one team and whatever you do will be seen by others in your group – everyone should know that they are playing a significant role. What they perform should be duplicated.

Duplicating your actions means: that you lead by example and your group members are following your actions:

a) Sponsoring new affiliates

b) Making sales

c) mentoring prospective leaders

Achieve a high degree

Achieving all these you need to be present every day and complete your daily actions first, then you have time to promote your business. For promotion use your Gateways. You can use your Gateways by choosing either SFI Gateways, TripleClicks Gateways, Pricebender, Eager Zebra Games, etc.. The list of your Gateways can be seen here .

You need training and for that reason I am your sponsor and you are the sponsor of your team.

Two resources of income

There are residual income and Leverage. Let us define these two resources of income. Residual Income is making money continously from an action or set of actions you did only once that is sponsoring that alone will make you money, because all you have to do is help them to sign up and then from there you will make money.

Leverage means making money from the work of other people in your downline. So as long as your affiliates are accumulating Vps, and also sponsoring and duplicating then you will make even more money than just accumulating Vps and selling products.

Put all your eggs in one basket

Don’t overstress yourself – just do the same actions every day: your To-Do-List, Marketing through placing adds and your gateways. The internet helps you a lot – but you need to focus on a good ranking in the search enginges, too. That is why Marketing Online has more chances then an Offline Store. The audience you address are greater. With placing adds in the internet you speaking to many thousands prospects – and the one or other will sign-up!

Use the Earning Calculator

The Earning Calculator can be found here:

For instance: if you sponsor 1 PSA and your PSA sponsors also 1 PSA will bring you estimated commission pf $327.60 per year. These Affiliates should become EA each month.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

New at Pricebenders: Micro auctions!

Micro Auctions are a nice new application

SFI News

Starting October 1st–and the first of several great new Pricebenders additions and improvements coming in October–we’re pleased to announce our new MICRO auctions!

Micro auctions will feature small quantities of…

  • PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)
  • CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)
  • TCredits

Why “go micro?”  We’ve created Micro auctions specifically for new and inexperienced bidders–and so that hundreds more people every month can get to experience the fun and thrill of winning a Pricebenders auction.


Because these auctions are for very small quantities (as little as just ONE CSA, for example), they will usually be won for a very small number of bids…and will typically have much shorter durations, too.  Hence, Micro auctions should be substantially less intimidating to participate in…and much faster and easier to win!  Also, 100% of all Micro auctions will be restricted to bidders who have won 9 auctions or less.  That is, they will all be JUNIOR…

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